Converging silos to influence better

    Outcomes in Maternal Health

We are breaking down silos and filling the gaps of segregated maternity care to radically improve the chances of more positive outcomes.

About Us

  Our Mission

We are committed from deep within and strive to turn our vision into a reality by incrementally expanding the quality and quantity of our Care offerings and building an eco-system of essential goods, services and experiences for every single precious phase of life starting with Maternity.

  Our Vision

We envision a world with risk-free, stress-free, enjoyable and memorable life moments for every single individual on our planet. We would want to start small with focus on the motherhood journey with blessings from Mother Nature and make it a truly rewarding experience for every single woman.

  Our Values

We strongly believe in providing a meaningful, quality, cost effective value-based goods, services and enriching experiences which will contribute to wellbeing of both individuals and communities overall.

Impact of broken Maternal Care ecosystem is overwhelming

Many Pregnant Woman experiences varied health problems during pregnancy which may arise during pregnancy or before pregnancy leading to serious complications. Problems may include Physical and Mental Conditions that affects health of the mother and baby

Health Problems before Pregnancy includes Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy and Seizure, Depression, HIV, Migraine, Obesity, Thyroid, and Uterine fibroids

Health Problems during Pregnancy includes Anaemia, Depression, Ectopic Pregnancy, Gestational Diabetes, Fetal Problems, High Blood Pressure, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Miscarriage or Stilbirth, Placenta previa, Placental abruption, Preclampsia, Preterm labor

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Poor fetus weight
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Post Partum haemorrhage
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Preterm birth
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Cesarean birth
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Miscarriage or stillbirth
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Postpartum depression

Our Maternal Care Model

Empowering Women

To have a stress-free maternity experience through an ecosystem of essential goods and services that helps boost positive outcomes in their pathway towards motherhood.

Establishes Value based care

By assessing and integrating data effectively so that health practitioners can pro-actively de-risk maternal journey and offer more value-based care.

Provides holistic offering

By helping with critical aspects of Prenatal and Postnatal care from thinking of pregnancy to stress-free delivery experience and care for the new born through the first year (and more)

Re-inventing Maternal Care Ecosystem for Positive Outcomes

Solution Overview

We know what it takes to make the maternity experience truly rewarding and hence we’ve crafted a holistic care system which addresses critical aspects of parenthood journey through the following offerings:

  • Insurance Plans
  • Pregnancy Loans
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Garbhsanskar
  • Lamaze classes
  • Gynecologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Dietecian
  • Apparels
  • Cosmetics
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Surgical
  • Health Data Tracking and Management
  • Knowledge Articles and Resource Hub
  • Maternity Photoshoot
  • Mom and Baby Massage

Advantages of Prenatal Care for a Woman

Reduces risk of pregnancy complications

Reduces complications for the fetus and the infant

Personal health progress and support

Our Services

Maternity Insurance

With the help of Channel Partners, we provide maternity insurance policy that helps individual for the financial coverage for medical expenses, incurred during pregnancy, including cost of delivery, hospitalization, pre and post-natal care, medical tests, medicines and new born baby expenses.

Maternity Loans

With the help of Channel Partners, we provide with maternity loans with easy EMI options covering prenatal, delivery and post-natal expenses.

Maternity Yoga

Yoga helps to increase strength, flexibility of muscles for childbirth, decreases lower back pain, nausea, headaches, and shortness of breath, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces bloating and swelling, boost mood and energy levels


Meditation helps in management of physical and emotional stress in pregnancy, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces depression, maintains blood pressure and enhances peace of mind.


Garbhsanskar is ancient Indian spiritual practise aiming towards social, physical, spiritual, mental development of both mother and her child.

Maternity Dietician

We have qualified and registered dieticians to access nutritional requirements for all the nine months journey to have healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Maternity Apparels

Choose from wide range of branded breathable, stretchy, soft and loose-fitting apparels and inner wears to fit your needs.

Maternity safe cosmetics

We bring you with range of maternity cosmetics which are mild and toxin free so that you can enjoy it using without any hesitation.


Choose from wide variety of Pregnancy Safe Nutraceuticals as advised by our Dietician to suit your needs.

Maternity Surgicals

Choose and enjoy from wide variety of surgical to suit different need of Pregnant Woman, helpful them towards maintaining better maternal health as advised by your Gynaecologist.

Online Data management

We help in keeping month to month health vitals in very organized manner, which can be used during visit to your gynaecologist or for you own reference also.

Maternity Photoshoot

Time to celebrate this wonderful journey of Maternity, we also aid in providing renowned Photographer to make this journey memorable.

Our Experienced Team

Dr Sunil Baldania

Founder & CEO

A Gold Medalist, pHD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, an avid Research Scientist with more than 2 decades of industry experience

Mr Girish Baldania

CTO & Marketing Head

An ardent engineering Guru with broad technical acumen and two decades of industry experience with expertise in Retail E-Commerce

Mrs. Bhagvati Baldania

CCO and Co-Founder

Experienced and Transformational Account Executive with background in Human Resource and Development

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Re-inventing Pre and Post Maternal Health for better outcomes

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