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About Mothernaturecare Company - House Of Natural Skin Care

It is clear objective of the company based on its name that Mother Nature cares for the population in general and vice versa we have to care for our mother nature in return. Its All Natural Skin Care Products. Company wants to have footprint in making toxin free environment by delivering products in form of formulations that are directly obtained from nature so that these products when used, does not spoil our natural resources and are also of much beneficiary to the mankind in general. Toxin free products will also contribute to healthy life style of an individual which is today spoiled due to use of toxic chemicals in one way or other. Vision to Manufacturing Natural Skin Care Products, Which is you can say organic cosmetic. We want to create win-win situation in the sense, natural products enrich life of an individual in one way and in return nature also doesn’t losses its integrity and becomes harsh to mankind and creates problems like Global Warming. Company will launch an array of products useful in day-to-day life that are essential for normal living of an individual ranging from Medico-cosmetic, Nutritional products etc all of which will be developed after thorough research and will be unique in itself and its applications.

Each and every Mothernaturecare product is developed uniquely after thorough research by team of experts having deep insight into the product development and research field. These products purely consist of natural ingredients having definite and proven results.

Yes, of course we have designed the products keeping into mind that these chemicals very badly ruin personal well-being and yes of course Nature. All our products are natural skin care – organic cosmetics.

Yes, it is very necessary to add preservatives in water-based formulations because we have used natural products in our formulation and addition of water and natural product serve as nutrient media for growth of bacteria and hence role of preservative comes into picture.

But there are again two point to be considered

We have made formulations either water based and oil based purely, not Cream formulation which contains water and oil phase both. And majority of our formulations are oil base which requires no preservative at all. So when a person has allergy to preservatives, these oil based formulations will be of indeed help as it does not contains preservatives at all and also are stable for long period of time.
Water based formulation consist of preservative which are ECOCERT approved ones which are food grade and safe instead of nasty parabens and formaldehyde releaser ones.

No. We haven’t tested our products on animals as we believe that animals are not meant for testing. But we have clinically tested all our products with patch testing to ensure no product causes allergy.

Yes, we are FDA approved and also all products are being manufactured in GMP Certified Unit.

It is as simple as you have to wash your face thoroughly with Shower gel and then apply pretty skin ointment on the face three times a day. Do take precautions as not to use any soap or any material for washing your face. We think so effect will be visible within 2 weeks itself.

Our skin faces lot of pollution, dust and germs throughout the day and hence it is very important to wash face with Shower gel twice a day.

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