Mother Nature Care History

Long years back around 2002, one of our clients was suffering from cracked hands. She was suffering heavily with lot of pain and agony. Condition went on worsening and it got raised to a level that there was now blood coming out of the cracked area in her palm.

She immediately took appointment of dermatologist and dermatologist diagnosed and advised her that this was beginning of disease called Psoriasis. She was prescribed drug called Acitretin.

Acetretin is a drug used to treat severe psoriasis i.e abnormal growth of the skin cells that causes red, thickened, or scaly skin. It is a class of medications called retinoids.

Doctor may start with low dose of acitretin and can gradually increase the dose. Acetretin is claimed to control psoriasis.
Skin Problems use cos-biome gentle shower gel

Acitretin as a drug has side effects whereby doctor advises patient to not to take drug if patient is pregnant or plan to become pregnant within next 3 years as it may harm the fetus.

She took the drug for 15 days as prescribed by the doctor, and result was outstanding, but as soon as she stopped drug, condition was seen worsening once again. She thought that it was not rightful to use the medication for long period of time and hence she quit the therapy.

After that she visited different ayurvedic centers, homeopathy centers but results were minimal good.

And then she decided to quit all the therapies and she was advised by one of the fellow being to stop using soap and detergents which she used as normal phenomenon for doing household works and to use only developed skincare preparation for bathing and today result are outstanding and her hands have again returned back to normal.

So, the idea was inculcated in the mind to serve society in general especially those who are suffering from these types of severe skin conditions.

A new company development idea was born with the strong feeling to develop the products healthfully useful for the people in general on one hand and not to damage our beloved mother nature on other hand.
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